image004A TOPSY-TURVY BUSINESS! It’s such an odd industry! Performers go to work when everyone else is coming home, go to bed when everyone else is getting up, and work hard when others are relaxing on holiday! It’s hard enough to get work in the business but a recent survey suggests that most performers have secondary jobs. Alongside this, the unusual pressures of the business such as becoming an `overnight star` after working for years then suddenly being dropped is hard to cope with. Going `against the flow` needs understanding prayer and pastoral support and I`m thrilled that 30 plus years later CIE continues to offer spiritual encouragement for those in all areas of entertainment. We are excited that our new strategy using mobile technology means that we will be able to increase our specialist spiritual support for more performers than ever before. So, a big THANK YOU for your continued gifts of prayer and finance which help us keep a Christian presence in the Topsy-Turvy world of entertainment.


image006ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SUNDAY is our opportunity to celebrate the creative gifts and it takes place on Sunday April 12th this year. Churches, individuals and other Christian Arts organisations including Theatre Chaplaincy UK, The Arts Centre Group, CAAPA and others are taking part in this nationwide day of prayer which coincides with the Olivier Awards. Please ask your friends, family and church to pray too. This could be privately or as part of a service or cell group and you could use the prayer overleaf which has been especially written for the occasion. You can also download ideas from our web site which offers information and inspiration to make Olivier Sunday the nation’s day of prayer for the arts and entertainment.


image009NEW PRAYER CHAPLAIN! We are delighted to welcome Rev. Rosemary Taylor as the new prayer chaplain for CIE. Seen here with Dads Army vicar, Frank Williams, Rosemary has a real heart for those in the entertainment business, and is already praying for a student just graduated from a London Drama School, a male ballerina in Scotland and a comedian working on cruise ships around the world. Chris met Rev Rosemary on one of his Christian Themed Cruises. “Rev Rose was former Archbishop Carey`s pastoral assistant on the cruise, and I noticed that she had an instant rapport with all the performers on board,” said Chris. “We are thrilled that she is now part of the CIE team and we can continue to support, encourage and inspire performers to keep the faith as they work in the difficult climes of showbiz.” Rev. Rosemary will be receiving prayer requests in strict confidence via the CIE Website, our prayer TextLine and through personal contact. Your own prayers for our new Prayer Chaplain will be welcomed!
Our new web site and associated mobile technology will be launched later this month. Weve often said that CIE`s work is `a spiritual take-away`. Like spiritual food on the go, the support we offer will soon be even more accessible. Through a mobile or laptop, performers will be able to access CIE`s support network when working away from home, family, friends and church. Please visit our new website to be encouraged and inspired whether you work in the entertainment business or are one of our valued supporters. It promises to be bursting with ideas, videos and information.

PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH: We value your support and interest in our work. To keep costs down our newsletters are published and mailed annually, but please let us know if you would like to receive our more regular updates by email. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
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Prayers Please!

image012Rev. Rosemary says “This is my first message to you as the C.I.E. prayer Chaplain! Thank you for the opportunity to pray for the particular as well as the general needs of people in the entertainment business. Whilst some personal requests do come in I know that there are many folk who do not give voice to their needs or ask for prayer for their personal difficulties. As you pray for the work of C.I.E. please pray for those who work in the business to be encouraged to ask for prayer and to seek the comfort of God and the support of Christians. Pray the blessing of The Lord on this ministry that it will continue and flourish; that the new means of communication can be utilised to reach even more. I commend Chris to you to uphold him in prayer for his leadership and ministry to individuals; remember too, the Trustees in their decision making and guidance. Thank you for your support!”


March Those God given encounters which encourage Christians and give opportunity for a witness to Christ. Pray for those performers who are facing criticism or controversial publicity.

April Arts and Entertainment Sunday. A day to celebrate all the good gifts and creative talents given by our Creator God. Give thanks for all that you have seen and heard this year that has delighted, encouraged or moved you deeply.

May Chris and for the Trustees of C.I.E. Give thanks for their witness and their commitment to Christ. Pray for guidance as they seek to develop and widen their support through the use of modern technology and social media.

June The needs of those leaving colleges, universities and academies this summer who seek careers in Entertainment. Also those soon to embark on such courses of study. Pray that new comers learn how to develop and use their talents.

July Summer seasons, for those on cruise ships, in resort venues and holiday camps. Pray for the families left behind and those coping with the children alone. Pray for protection and of their relationships.

August Rest and refreshment which are so valuable for well-being. Give thanks for holidays and days off and pray for those who for, whatever reason, are unable to have a holiday. For those in the business who are struggling financially.

September Requests that have come from Christian writers or producers from abroad. For those who want to honour God in their work wherever they live that they may get funding and recognition for their work.

October Giving thanks for modern communication and pray for the creators of games and programmes often using performers. Pray for responsible productions that do not glorify violence or immorality.

November Television and radio timings. Pray that Christian programmes will not be side-lined but screened at accessible times. Remember the Christian radio and television channels and those who work for them.

December As carols are broadcast in shops and on the air please pray that the good news of Jesus birth will be heard and understood. Pray for wholesome entertainment this season. Give thanks for the fun and laughter of Pantomime, and pray for those producing and taking part. Pray for all who work behind the scenes in the business.

January All in the Arts and Entertainment business who face the year with uncertainty about their next job. Pray that they may have wisdom on the way forward and that they will see doors open. That they may remain encouraged.

February Writers, composers and producers, for positive messages in scripts and the opportunity for the work of Christians to be seen and heard. Remember the needs of singers and dancers and thank God for their talents.