CIE`s Director & founder, Chris Gidney has spent a lifetime in the media and entertainment industry and retains an active involvement as an entertainer, producer and author. Christians in Entertainment remains a small operation with just our director Chris Gidney being salaried while everyone else (Prayer line co-ordinator, administrative support etc.) being voluntary. It is Chris, of course, who is ‘out there’ engaging with performers at their place of work – be it a theatre, TV studio or nightclub.

People within the world of entertainment are often broken, sometimes lonely and isolated, searching for an answer to meet the spiritual need in their lives, and are open to hearing about God. This is where Chris steps in – slowly building relationships and trust by caring for them in a way that enables God to reach out and change lives. Of course, once a commitment has been made, the door is opened to so many more people being reached with the gospel, as these folk seek to share their faith.

An example of this was when Cannon & Ball, who Chris has looked after for many years, went on a Gospel Tour and saw over fifty people make a commitment to Christ. It’s for this on-going potential that we also see Christians in Entertainment as such a strategic ministry.

We manage our budget very carefully and responsibly, but depend entirely upon gifts to survive. If you would like a more detailed update on our current work, we would be happy to meet with you or send you more information.

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Thank You – Like all charities at this time we have struggled financially and made budget cuts to ensure our resources are well used. We are grateful for your standing orders and one-off gifts which enable us to keep this vital ministry effective and afloat. As the advert says, “Every Little Helps!”

Thanks again for your support! Chris Gidney – Director.

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