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If you are professionally engaged in the entertainment business at whatever level…don’t worry, because we know what it’s like!! It can be one of the most exhilarating yet frustrating of industries, be incredibly busy, yet terribly lonely, offer amazing potential, yet be horribly unfair.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are either on the way “up” or on the way “down”?

Does the lack of work make you wonder if you are in the right place?

Does it feel like God doesn’t care?

Life Stories: Lloyd Notice in The Lion King


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PERFORMERS PRAYER: Dear Lord, we praise you and thank you that you are the giver of all that is good and worthwhile and that you have created gifts of entertainment to be used in your world. We ask that you will inspire and encourage all who work in theatres, television and radio. We pray for all those working in the entertainment business, including actors as they bring drama to life, comedians as they remind us how to laugh, dancers as they provide elegance and beauty and singers as they offer the wonder of music. We pray that all entertainment will be used as a tool for understanding, healing, relaxation, enriching and to express your love for humanity. Amen.

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Questions Answered

Is it OK for a Christian actor to swear or appear in the nude? The questions you have always been afraid to ask your church!

Entertainment Careers Clinic

Christians in Entertainment is here for you.

We may not have the resources to meet up with everybody, but we are here to listen, encourage and support in any way we can. We can link you with others in the biz, suggest the best means of support, share your frustrations and pray for you.

Our confidential Text-line number for professionals is: 07517 661016. Click Here to Send Text from your mobile or tablet

If you prefer, you can mail a confidential or anonymous prayer request, and we promise we will pray for you.

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