BAFTA`s Inspired Video to Encourage Showbiz Prayers

Several Christian Arts Organisations have joined forces to create a special video featuring performers and artistes from the West-End and beyond to help churches and individuals across the UK to remember the Arts and Entertainment industry in their prayers on Sunday March 13th.

“After the devastating effect that Covid-19 has had on our industry we knew that the weekend celebrating the BAFTA Awards would offer a welcome reminder that we need prayers more than ever!” Chris Gidney, Director of Christians in Entertainment, explained. “As a commercial producer, writer and performer myself, I know just how pressurised working in the business can be at the best of times, but the pandemic has caused huge destruction on people’s health, careers and creativeness, and we are still not sure when it will all get back to some sort of `normal`.

“The media has given a picture of the entertainment business being in meltdown and in a dangerous and unprecedented situation. Some may see this as an over-dramatic view, but it has enabled others to see that showbiz is not all `glitz and glamour and millionaire celebrities` but offers an insight into the personal struggles involved.”

Churches across the UK are encouraged to use drama, music and song, display an exhibition, or just use the short video created by Christians in Entertainment, Theatre Chaplaincy UK, The Arts Centre Group and The Catholic Association for Performing Arts in their services. The video features performers, artists, and creators within the world of Stage, TV, Film and media presenting a prayer, which can be downloaded from any of the organisations websites and Social Media pages, and shown in churches or shared on their websites for Entertainment Sunday. “It’s so important to remember to thank God for the creative skills he has given us. Imagine a world without colour, shape, and sound!” said Chris.

Arts & Entertainment Sunday is on March 13th 2022, and the video can be downloaded in advance:

Download Arts & Entertainment Sunday Prayer Video – Short version (70MB)

Download Arts & Entertainment Sunday Prayer Video – Long version (505MB)

Download ‘A special presentation for Arts & Entertainment Sunday’ video (1.5GB)